One More Fall-like Day With Humid Weather Returning Tomorrow

meteorgramtoday1We will continue to see the pleasant Fall-like weather for one more day.  Expect a few more clouds today as they circulate around the remnants of Irma, which is sitting over Tennessee.  A stray shower is possible, but most of you will not see any rain.  It will be slightly more humid today and warmer with highs in the mid 80s.  Tonight will be partly cloudy and not as cool with lows in the mid to upper 60s.   Continue reading


Gorgeous Fall-like Weather Continues Today

meteorgramtodayIt will be another beautiful day with low humidity thanks to Irma.  The remnants of Irma are moving into AL and MS today.  They will draw in some drier air from the NW and that will allow us to have more Fall-like weather.  It will be mostly sunny and warm with low humidity again today.  High temperatures will only be in the lower 80s.  Tonight will have a few clouds moving in as the Irma remnants sit over Northern MS and Western TN.  It will still be cool-ish with lows in the 50s north and 60s south of the lake.   Continue reading

Breezy and Less Humid Today Thanks To Irma

rb_lalo-animated (2)Hurricane Irma continues to move to the NNW across Northern Florida and into Georgia today.  We will continue to have some pleasant sunny weather, but it will be a little breezier today.  We are between Irma and an area of high pressure to our north.  This is why we will have breezy weather today.  It will cause the winds to pick up and they will be around 15-20+ mph at times.  High temperatures will stay in the lower to mid 80s with the lower humidity levels.  A few more clouds will move in tonight as Irma sits NE of Louisiana.  It will still be mild and comfortable with a breeze.  Lows will be in the 50s north and 60s south of the lake. Continue reading

Friday Evening Hurricane Irma Update

rb_lalo-animated (5)Hurricane Irma is making landfall this evening on the Camaguey Archipelago of Northern Cuba and has strengthened back into a Category 5 storm with 160 mph winds.  Irma is expected to remain over the Northern Shores of Cuba tonight and into Saturday Afternoon.  This may cause it to weaken a little more over the next 24 hours.  However, Coastal Cuba is relatively flat, so unless it can move a little more inland, it will not get significantly weaker.  If it does more more inland, the high mountains would help to weaken it even more.  Irma seems to be following the path that the European Model has been showing for today.   Continue reading

Wednesday Evening Hurricane Irma Update

rb_lalo-animated (3)Irma remains a powerful Category 5 storm with winds of 185 mph as it moves just north of Puerto Rico. It will continue to move WNW staying just north of Puerto Rico tonight, pass just north of the coast of Hispaniola on Thursday, and be near the Turks and Caicos to Southeastern Bahamas on Thursday evening still has a Category 5 storm. It is not expected to weaken very much due to low wind shear and warm waters. Continue reading

Tuesday Morning Category 5 Hurricane Irma Update

rb_lalo-animated (1)Hurricane Irma is now a powerful Category 5 Hurricane today as it moves closer to the Leeward Islands.  Winds have been up to 180 mph and it will likely maintain this intensity over the next 48 hours.  Category 5 hurricanes start with winds of 157 mph, so it is well into that intensity.  It will be undergoing eye wall replacement cycles, so its intensity could fluctuate from time to time.  This is very normal with a powerful hurricane. Continue reading

Monday Afternoon Hurricane Irma Update

Tropical Update:  Hurricane Irma is getting stronger this morning as it moves over Irmawarmer water with little to no wind shear.  Winds are up to 120 mph and it is forecast to continue to strengthen over the next few days.  It is expected to become a Category 4 hurricane on Tuesday and maintain that intensity through Friday.  Then it will weaken a little down to a Category 3 on Saturday.   Continue reading